Trout season is right around the corner. Flounder season opens April 1st and maybe Blackfish.

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Trout season is right around the corner. All lakes will be stocked by April first with browns and rainbows. Wax worms, nightscrawlers and small live shiners make great baits. Use small kastmasters, phoebe and thomas lures if you prefer to cast out and reel.

The lakes are all still very active with with pickerel. Try fishing the outskirts of Great Patchogue Lake with soft plastics or live shiners. Warmer days will spike fish activity. This is all catch and release fishing. LM Bass season is still open for catch and release only until the end of April.  After april 30th you are not allowed to even target them (except for a few specific bodies of water through Suffolk county.)

 Almost all lakes are open to year round trout fishing with the exception of East lake in patchogue. Here fishing is open from april first to november 30th. Fish must also be 10" to keep from here. Carmens river also known as southaven county park is another well regulated fishery. Fishing at the park opens april first also and closes september 30th

Hey Joe O here Wednesday the local lakes were stocked on the south shore my bait of choice was thomas lures and wax worms, Due to the colder temps these trout were in deeper waters so my leader was about 4ft from my bobber and my cast and retrieve method was alot slower due too these fish biting not as aggressive due to the frigid water temperature. Well  till next time tight lines everybody.

Flounder season opens April 1st. And maybe Blackfish.  Either ways, we'll be open and ready with sandworms, clams, mussels. Hooks, Line and Sinkers too.


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