Trout Stocking, White Perch and Spring Forward

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Joe O, with a pair of some fine trout from West Lake, Patchogue

The recently stocked lakes have been staying active after receiving its first stockings of the year. West Lake  in Patchogue is seeing steady action with 2 year old brown trout being caught on small tins as well as nightcawlers fished under a float. Fly fishermen have been using streamers for best results. All of these fish are a nice size and put up a great fight on proper tackle.
To the west of us Argyle Lake, Southards Pond and Belmont Lake are all stocked up with trout from yearling rainbows to 2 year old browns. The same methods used on the fish at West lake are working just as well on these fish too. We are expecting a stocking in the next week or so at Upper lake and Carmans River system. These areas get stocked heavily so the fishing will be excellent.
Yellow perch have been cooperating with anglers too. Some larger ones have been landed over at Great Patchogue Lake . The two best methods for going after yellows is either small jigs tipped with soft plastics or using a nightcrawler fished under a float.

Zeppi from the shop has been doing fairly well with largemouth bass at the local Patchogue lakes. He said that senkos fished slowly are getting hits from slow moving lethargic bass. Look for shallow areas that the sun will heat up quicker.
White perch are still roaming the tidal creeks but have stayed a bit tricky to catch. The best wasy to go for them is with a small boat or a kayak. Using live bait such as nightcrawlers will increase your chances of catching too. Some anglers like sticking with soft plastic lures and are doing ok with them. From what I have been hearing the first two hours of the outgoing tide have been the best to fish around. Don't be surprised if you land a small schoolie striper while going after perch. They have been swimming with them are becoming more active as the sun warms up the creeks.

The forecast looks good for the next week. This should give us a good chance at having some small resident schoolies around in the next 2 weeks. Here are a few tips for going after them. First of all go light on the tackle. No need to be overkill with it. A light 7-8 foot rod paired with a balanced spinning reel filled with 15lb braid is perfect for these smaller fish. Try to use a leader of about 20lbs too. This time of the year I like to use small swimming plugs or soft plastics rigged on a jig head. Any size from 3/8oz to 3/4 oz should cover all back bay situations coming up. Normally ill be putting bass assassins on these jig heads. They seem to get a reaction from slow fish. Tiny storm shads are another option with soft plastics. They can be extremely effective when the bass are keyed in on them.

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