Year End Finale

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The recent streak of cold weather and high winds throughout our area put a bit of a damper on the Striped Bass fishing. Many boats were unable to get out. A general lack of people going out fishing all around. Before the unfavorable weather we were seeing nice shots of action from Shinnecock to Fire Island. Many of the fish were anywhere from 26-34" Bucktails, poppers and rubber shads were all working excellent. Swimming
plugs such as mag darters, sp minnows and darters were all taking fish. The temperatures seem to be going up once again as we head toward
December. This could spark another chance in some action. The bait is present for it. One recent report from thanksgiving morning were many small fish were all over the beach taking all offerings. Big blues were also mixed in with the Striper up until the cold weather. No recent reports on them since then.

Blackfishing has been a good choice when the weather allows the boats to get out. The Blackfish have moved a bit deeper now but are still not too far off. Some anglers are reporting good fishing in 80-100 feet of water. Green Crabs have been doing well.

This is also the time of the year where many start getting ready for cod fishing. Most boats are running out for Cod and Sea Bass. This wreck fishing in December can be
excellent. Pick yourself a mild day and try it out.

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