Charlie Graves's lures

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Ever since the 1920's Famous tin maker Charlie Graves's lures have been helping surf fishermen land an array of species along the east coast and now even the west coast. The unique thing about Graves lures is that to this very day they are made the exact same way Charlie made them back in the 1920's. Ralph Votta who was a young prodigy of Graves back in the 70's has been carrying out Charlies dying wish to keep his name on the beach for generations to come. That's just what he has done. Ralph pours, plates and hand ties every tail hook so that the tins are manufactured the exact way Charlie made them and the legacy can be fulfilled.
He makes a variety of different types of all shapes and weights that can be used in many different scenarios and locations. The tins will also catch an array of species such as Striped Bass, Bluefish to even Weakfish and Fluke. Work them fast or work them slow. Add a few twitches and a hungry fish will find it hard to resist one. Owning a Charlie Graves's lure is like owning a piece of history.

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