Jeck Bucktails-will have you covered for this "fall run"

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Jecks Bucktails will have you covered for this "fall run"
High-quality bucktails available in various colors/designs/patterns

If your looking for a bucktail that is just perfect, look no further, Jecks Bucktails is the one to pick. For starters the amount of colors they make is a very large range variety.  they are a top tier jig perfect for buck-tailing an inlet to fluke fishing in the bay. from surf to boat fishing, There really isn't any other bucktails to use. They are layered with the perfect amount of dyed hair, with strong nylon thread and epoxy glue, their strength is unmatched. The Jig is tied with a Mustad strong hook. they tie all sizes from 1/2 oz. through 5 oz.

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