Recreational Fishing Regulations for Sharks in State Waters

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Recreational Fishing Regulations for Sharks in State Waters
Category Species Minimum Size Limit Daily Possession Limit
Allowed Sharks Tiger, Blacktip, Bull, Lemon, Nurse, Spinner, Blue, Shortfin mako,
Oceanic whitetip, Porbeagle, Common Thresher, Blacknose
54 inches fork length (8)

*federal limit for shortfin mako is 83 inches fork length(link leaves DEC's website)
One shark per vessel per trip, except that
one additional Atlantic Sharpnose and one
additional Bonnethead may be taken and
possessed per angler per trip.
Great hammerhead, Scalloped hammerhead, Smooth hammerhead 78 inches fork length (8)
Atlantic Sharpnose, Bonnethead, Finetooth, Blacknose No size limit
Smooth Dogfish, Spiny Dogfish No size limit Any number
Prohibited Sharks Atlantic angel, Galapagos, Basking, Longfin mako, Bigeye sand tiger, Narrowtooth, Bigeye Sixgill, Night, Bigeye thresher, Sand tiger, Bignose, Caribbean reef, Caribbean sharpnose, Smalltail, Dusky, Whale, White (9), Silky and Sandbar, Sharpnose sevengill, Bluntnose sixgill. No possession allowed No possession allowed

(8) Fork length means the straight-line measurement of a fish from the tip of the snout to the fork of the tail. The measurement is not made along the curve of the body.
(9) A person may fish for white sharks with rod and reel, provided the person releases such fish immediately with a minimum of injury and that such fish may not be removed from the water.
Other provisions: All landed sharks must have head, tails and fins attached. No sale allowed. No finning. Sharks, excluding spiny dogfish, shall not be taken for commercial or recreational purposes by baited hooking except with the use of non-stainless steel non-offset circle hooks. No person shall conduct, sponsor or participate in any shark tournament unless said tournament's rules and regulations require the exclusive use of non-stainless steel, non-offset circle hooks.

For additional information on sharks in New York, visit Shark Fishing.

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