Montauk Rocks will take its viewers on an unforgettable journey

Montauk Rocks will take its viewers on an unforgettable journey

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"Montauk Rocks" is a wild ride, an immersive experience, without getting wet, in Montauk's legendary fall run fishery. From past to present, From the"Surfcasting Capital Of The World," comes the story of those who helped Montauk earn, and keep, its title.  Created by Richard Siberry

Shot entirely on location in Montauk and New York City, "Montauk Rocks"  speaks to the adventurer in  all of us, and lets us know that the greatest adventures can sometimes be right in our own back yard.

"Montauk Rocks" will take its viewers on an unforgettable journey with their own neighbors. A fringe society, which exists right in our midst, yet whose motivations, inspirations and adventures, are completely unknown to the majority of society. This is not your granddaddy’s fishing. No heading down to the pond chasing bluegills and tommy cods. Fall surf fishing in Montauk bears little relation most peoples concept of "recreational fishing".

From Shagwong on the north side to Ditch Plains on the south, our cameras lived for three seasons where the big bass, and the larger than life anglers who call Montauk home, congregate. Outposts like Montauk, Key West and Alaska have always attracted a special breed of person, adventurous spirits - not the condo commandos or rich address status seekers that infest Montauk, the Hamptons and the Keys now. As Paul “The Skisher” Melnyk so succinctly says in his interview, “distant and far away places attract crazy people”. 

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