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"Gone Fishin' with the Viking Fleet: The Forsberg Empire" (Paperback)

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The Forsberg Empire
This full color 320 page book is about what many consider to be the most famous fleet of fishing boats in the United States, The Viking Fleet. 
Five generations of Forsberg's have been involved in building the fleet, including the current patriarch's grandfather who designed all of the original Viking Boats for his son, Captain Carl G. Forsberg. 
Captain Carl pioneered fishing on the fabled Cox's Ledge grounds. He discovered and fished on many wrecks that no angler had ever fished on before. 
His son, Captain Paul G. (our author) found the wreck of the Andrea Doria after searching for it for 72 hours. He found many other wrecks and his sons and grandsons continue to do the same thing. 
He brought 520 Cubans to freedom in the famous Cuban Boat Lift, including all of the people that were in the American Embassy. 
Paul invented the first heated handrail for the comfort of his anglers.
About the Author
Captain Paul G. Forsberg is considered to be among the most famous of fishing pioneers, tirelessly searching for and finding new grounds to fish on for his customers. He has been fishing since he was a very little boy. His education was far from typical since he spent virtually each and every day working for his dad.
Captain Forsberg is known to be among the most dedicated of captains in the industry when it comes to appearing and testifying at government hearings on behalf of his fellow anglers. To do this, he has traveled, at his own expense, to as many as a dozen different states. Not a typical author at all, Captain Forsberg spent countless hours dictating into a tape recorder, telling his story from his truck, living room, and from several of his many boats. The book is considered 'As told to' Manny Luftglass, who spent hundreds of hours working with the author to produce this book.
About the Publisher
Manny Luftglass has written 17 books in his Gone Fishin' series, plus a book that teaches people how to write, self-publish, and sell their own book entitled So You Want to Write a Book.
His column, 'Gone Fishin'', appears in a variety of weekly newspapers in several states. Articles have appeared in magazines such as 'The Fisherman', 'Fishing & Hunting News', 'North American Fisherman', 'On the Water',  and many others. 
Manny is popular on the lecture circuit in five states and specializes in teaching his double-anchor style of fishing.

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