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Penn 704, 704Z Manual Conversion Kit Model 69-700

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PENN Manual Pick-up Assembly
Optional for Penn 704 or 704Z
The manual pick up is in replacement of the standard bail on the Penn 704 or 704Z. Ever have troubles of the bail flipping over when casting? The manual pick up is a great way to resolve that issue. Don't worry, don't like it? The reel can be easily converted back to the bailed version.
remove bail lock nut,located on line roller end of bail, using spin fisher wrench provided with reel (or sub).
remove bail screw, located on the opposite end of bail and detach bail from rotor cup.
place the slotted end of release arm lock plate, onto the release arm and press release arm downward with release arm lock plate until its center hole is in line with the threaded screw hole in the rotor cup, then attach release arm lock plate onto rotor cup with manual bail screw.
slide line roller, onto manual pick up stud, then slide the threaded end of manual pickup through the underside of the hole in bail arm, and fasten it thereon with bail lock nut,700, using spin fisher reel wrench.
Tools not included…Bailess kit includes, 1)74-700, 1) 72-700 1) 70-700



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