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Gear-Up's Stainless Steel D-Ring "Handcrafted in USA"

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Gear-Up Surf Bags & Accessories
Stainless Steel D-Ring
Handcrafted in USA


Gear-Up's D-Ring is made out of heavy duty material. The D-Ring is 316 Stainless Steel; has a width of 2 inches, and its ¼ thick. Surf-caster's use the D-Ring to create a stringer, Boga/Lip Grip holder, and it also can be used as a rod holder which allows you to have both hands available to un-hook a fish with a treble in its mouth and safety release it.
 316 Stainless Steel
 2” Width
1/4 Thick
 Handcrafted in U.S.A
 Lifetime Warranty