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The Dartspin™ Pro is a tough, durable, bladed softbait that has been hand painted in fine detail to realistically mimic various prey. It has a minnow shaped body with a willow blade solidly embedded into it's tail. The Dartspin Pro comes pre-rigged on a weighted, weedless hook. Extremely versatile, the angler can remove the weedless hook to fish the Dartspin Pro on a jig head, dropshot rig, Carolina or Texas rigged, or retrieved on top (or deep) with a circle hook through its nose. It can even be added as a trailer for bucktail jigs, bass jigs, spinnerbaits, and buzzbaits. It offers a wide variety of action depending on how it is used, making the Dartspin one of the most versatile lures ever designed!  We have already created more than two dozen ways to rig and use the Dartspin, allowing the angler to target all types of predatory fish including bass, redfish, pike, tarpon, striped bass, and even tuna! (1 per bag, pre-rigged on a weighted, weedless hook)


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