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The Art of Surfcasting with Lures by Zeno Hromin Book

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The Art of Surfcasting with Lures by Zeno Hromin Book

Here is a book that will be  considered the ultimate guide to surf fishing with lures for years to come.  The first half of the book is loaded with information on gear, structure,  tide, winds and moon periods. Additional chapters cover baitfish profiles,  fishing strategies and what goes into a surfcaster’s decision making process  when selecting a lure and presenting it to structure.

This book leaves no  stone unturned. In more detail then ever before found in one publication,  veteran surfcaster Zeno Hromin covers every type of situation surfcasters  might find themselves in and presents the best strategies to succeed.

In the  second half of the book each of today’s most popular lures is discussed in  detail with tips on colors, sizes, retrieves and on modifications to increase  their effectiveness. Toward the end of the book you will find chapters on  conservation and fishing with kids, two things the author holds in high regard.

All throughout the book there are personal stories of  Zeno's  experiences in the surf with colorful tales of success and failure all which  will hopefully enlighten, entertain and educate you. If you ever wanted to  learn how to use lures with consistent success or if you are a veteran angler  who is looking to gain an edge on your fishing buddies, this book will provide  you with information to do both.

A revolutionary book, called a new  “surfcasters bible” by some of the legendary surfcasters on the east  coast, the Art of Surf Fishing with Lures is the ultimate reference guide for  any surfcaster.


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