Van Staal Self Service Kits for VS & VSB 200-250-275 Reels

Van Staal Self Service Kits for VS & VSB 200-250-275 Reels

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The Van Staal Self-Service Kit was created to give anglers the opportunity to service their VS spin reels at their own convenience, without the need to send the reel to the factory.

The kit is best suited to those anglers who feel comfortable with minor repair work on their reels. If you do not feel comfortable disassembling your Van Staal reel, please have your reel serviced by a Van Staal-trained technician. Is important to follow the steps outlined in the included manual very carefully. The procedures are easily performed, but care must be taken in order to prevent any damage to your reel.

The Van Staal Self-Service kit includes 3 each of the most commonly worn seals found in your reel, allowing for 3 seperate service intervals. The frequency that your reel will require service is determined by the amount of useage, and under what types of conditions you use your reel. In general, "light" use reels should be serviced ever 12 to 18 months, while a reel seeing constant action (and frequent submersion in saltwater) may need service as many as 2 to 3 times a year.

Kit includes:

  • Rheolube Gear Grease
  • Side Cover Service Wrench
  • Quad Seal Alignment Tool(plastic)
  • Side Cover Oil Seals( OSPR2)
  • Quad Seals (ORQ2)
  • Side Cover O-Rings( ORR5)
  • QUAD SEAL Alignment Tool (metal)

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