• $ 29.99


✔ Casts Like a Solid Lure  ✔ 210lb Linkage, Head to Tail  ✔ VMC Hooks  ✔ Wolverine Split Rings  ✔ 7" Solid Body  ✔ Weight: 2-3/8oz 

The VertebraeLure is a multi jointed lure that gives amazing swimming action while still having the ability to be accurately cast long distances.

The lure’s patent pending design is engineered to compress during casting, expand during retrieval, and swim while swiveling its 5 segments. This allows accurate long distance casting combined with the incredible swimming action only achievable in a jointed lure. Double stainless through wire construction head to tail combined with premium hardware makes the Vertebrae lure a must have in your bag.

Obviously it was a challenge to create a lure that could transform itself from an expanded jointed lure when in the water to a collapsed/closed body when cast. Vertebraelures achieve this through a patent pending internal linkage that can collapse and expand based on the forces placed upon it. When cast, air pressure collapses the interlocking sections, when retrieved hydraulic forces expand the lures segments/joints giving an incredible swimming action.  This unprecedented lure design gives the fisherman the advantage of a jointed lure with the most natural retrieval “action” and equally important, the ability to cast the lure the distances necessary to place it in the right spot.

  No other lures have the natural action of Vertebraelures. The patent pending internal linkage is not only engineered to open and close but also swivel in 3 axis.


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