Trevala B Jigging Casting Rods **LOCAL PICKUP ONLY**

Trevala B Jigging Casting Rods **LOCAL PICKUP ONLY**

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Designed to be the ultimate cross over rod for a variety of saltwater techniques, the Shimano Trevala B Jigging Casting Rods specialize in versatility while also offering impressive performance and toughness. This do-it-all boat rod series is perfect for anything from jigging, bottom fishing, chunking, and even tossing lures and live baits. Built on Shimano's TC4 blanks that have built a reputation for bulletproof durability, the Trevala B rods can go toe-to-toe with some of the oceans toughest predators day in and day out. Despite their impressive stopping power, the Trevala B rods feel light in the hand and super comfortable to fish for long periods of time. They now feature optimized SeaGuide guide trains for lighter overall weight and improved rod balance. Contoured EVA handles and a genuine Fuji reel seat offer a secure and comfortable grip. All models feature a rubber gimbal for added security in rod holders during long runs to the fishing grounds while also adding comfort and fish-fighting benefit with a fighting belt. The Trevala B is the perfect rod for multi species anglers who use a wide array of techniques and don't want to purchase a different set of rods for every application. Simply put, these rods raise the bar for versatile saltwater performance whether your nearshore or out in the deep.


  • TC4 Blank Construction
  • EVA Grips
  • SeaGuide Aluminum Oxide Guides
  • Fuji Reel Seat
  • Rubber Gimbal Butt









      TVC58XHB 8 5'8" Moderate Fast 1
      TVC58XXHB 8 5'8" Moderate Fast 1
      TVC60HB 7.7 6'0" Moderate Fast 1
      TVC66MB 5.5 6'6" Moderate Fast 1
      TVC66MHB 7.3 6'6" Moderate Fast 1
      TVC66HB 8 6'6" Moderate Fast 1
      TVC70LB 5 7'0" Moderate Fast 1
      TVC70MLB 5.5 7'0" Moderate Fast 1

        CA PROP 65 WARNING 

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