Regulations '2017

Oyster Toadfish 

Size Limit: 10”
Bag Limit: 3 Per Day
Season: 7/16-5/14
Toadfish feed on sandworms, squid, and clam
Although it is edible, oyster toadfish are rarely eaten because ugly and slimy.



New York Saltwater Fishing Registry

FISHING REGISTRATION..... If you are saltwater recreational fishing, in New York state, you need to register. This is a FREE registry. Please be sure to follow all laws and regulations in the waters in which you are fishing. 

Anglers will need to provide their name, date of birth, address and telephone number, and will receive a registration number that will allow them to begin fishing immediately.


Who Needs to Register

Anglers age 16 and older need to register if they are:

  1. Fishing in the Marine and Coastal District, which includes all the waters of the Atlantic Ocean within three miles from the coast, and all other tidal waters within the state, including the Hudson River up to the Tappan Zee Bridge.

  2. Fishing any water, such as the Hudson River, Delaware River, or Mohawk River and their tributaries, for "migratory fish from the sea" such as striped bass, hickory shad, blueback herring, alewife.

Click the link below to register online:

 For updated info:     

Fish id Chart and Regulations 

 Shark Identification Chart    

 Tuna Guide    

Shark and Tuna Permit is Required:        Click Here To Register


Sea Robin:  Size, Bag, Season: No Restrictions.
Sea Robins feed on sandworms, squid, clam and will take lures too. Fun to catch and fine to eat.



The Northern Puffer is known to most as the blowfish :
Size Limit: No Restrictions, Bag Limit: No Restrictions,
Season: All Year. Excellent eating!!
Blowfish feed on sandworms, squid, and clam.
"puffs up" into a ball in self-defense by inhaling air or water