Dexter Russell S17 3" Clam Knife w/ Beech Handle, Carbon Steel

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The Dexter S17 clam knife has a sharp edge, allowing you to efficiently pry open clams and remove the meat. The dull side of the blade keeps users safe from injury while pushing through the clam. The sharp side is individually ground to ensure sharpness. With a DEXSTEEL™ high-carbon steel blade, the knife resists stains and is strong enough to keep its edge through heavy use. The Dexter S17 clam knife's 334-inch handle is constructed of beech wood to provide a soft, comfortable grip.

Product Details

  • Efficiently pry open clams and remove the meat with the sharp edge
  • Dull side of the blade prevents injury when pushing through the clam
  • Rounded tip scoops out the muscle
  • Stain-resistant DEXSTEEL high-carbon steel is strong and resists staining
  • Edge is precision ground for sharpness
  • Beech wood handle gives a classic feel
  • Overall Dimensions: 3 in. blade, 334 in. handle, 634 in. overall L

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