Eagle Claw Ice Safety Kit

Eagle Claw Ice Safety Kit

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With the Eagle Claw® Ice Safety Kit, you'll safely traverse the ice while ice fishing, and you'll be ready in the event of an ice-related emergency. The set of high-quality chain ice cleats – made of rubber, nylon, plastic, and stainless steel – gives you firm, confident footing while on ice, which will dramatically reduce your chances of falling and getting injured, ensure a firm, stable footing while navigating hardwater. This kit also includes a set of ice-safety picks. Made with strong polymer handles, sharp stainless steel spikes, and safety cords, these picks are made to dig into ice and create firm useful holds should an ice breakthrough occur. The last item found in the Eagle Claw Ice Safety Kit a loud and durable whistle on a lanyard. This is can be used to quickly alert everyone, near and far, in case of an emergency.

  • Chain ice cleats – reduces slip-and-fall injuries
  • Ice-safety picks – polymer handles and sharp spikes
  • Whistle on a lanyard – alerts others during emergency

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