J&J Sports West End Holiday Gift Box

J&J Sports West End Holiday Gift Box

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Charlie Graves Lures are designed to work well from a Boat, Beach, Pier or Dock. These specialized fishing lures are unique in shapes producing an aggressive swimming action.  They imitate a wide variety of bait fish that live along coastal beaches, inlets and bays.  Deadly for Striped Bass Fishing!

Made by West End Fishing Tackle. These lures are Chrome plated over lead. The lures come with a white siwash hook (dressed) and vary in size- 3/0, 4/0 or 5/0 sizes



 1.) 1-1 (1oz)

1.) PQD (3oz)

1.) J-7 (1-3/4oz)

1.) J-4 (1-1/2oz) 

1.) 8M (2-1/4oz)

1.) RV-5M (1-3/4oz)

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