NEW ! Van Staal VSB50BX2 Bailed Spinning Reel in Black

NEW ! Van Staal VSB50BX2 Bailed Spinning Reel in Black

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Building upon the rock solid foundation of its predecessor, the Van Staal VS X2 Bailed Spinning Reels are the ultimate surf fishing machine for those who fish hard without limitations. This newest generation of Van Staal reel is the product of 30 years of testing and feedback from some of the world's greatest surf anglers. Van Staal has taken this feedback to make their legendary surf reels that have served as the benchmark for durability and reliability even better than before. Fully sealed and 100% submersible, these are truly the toughest spinning reels on the market. The VS X2 is as close to bulletproof as reels get for the ultimate surf fishing performance. Sand, saltwater, and the biggest fish in the surf are no match for these unstoppable surf fishing machines. The VS X2 features the same fully machined 6061 aluminum single piece body with a lengthened stem to help avoid busting your knuckles on the rotor. The power grip handle knob and oversized drag knob now come standard for maximum comfort and performance right out of the box. The VS X2 now also features a lengthened handle for increased torque and a new anti-reverse clutch now located on the pinion gear to eliminate rotor play for a solid, high tolerance feel. For those serious about surf fishing and looking for a reel that truly has "No Limitations", there is simply no better option than the VS X2 reels from Van Staal.


  • Fully Machined 6061 One Piece Body and Stem
  • Fully Sealed Body and longer Stem Design
  • Titanium Main Shaft
  • Stainless Steel Spiral-Bevel Gear System
  • Bailed configuration for those who prefer a more traditional spinning reel operation
  • Powergrip handle and drag knobs standard
  • Anti-Reverse clutch now located on pinion gear for zero rotor play
  • Handle length now longer on all models for increased torque

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