Shimano Twin Power TPSW5000HGC SW C Spinning Reel

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Offshore, it often comes down to power vs. power. That's where the Shimano® TwinPower® SW Spinning Reel truly shines. For knockdown battles involving mahi, sailfish, tuna, stripers, wahoo, and big reef fish, the TwinPower SW delivers the strength, rigidity, cranking power, and drag force needed to dominate and win. All models are built on Shimano's rugged Hagane® aluminum body and feature Hagane gearing and the advanced Infinity Drive system for ultimate performance under heavy load. X-Shield technology keeps saltwater away from the internals, ensuring that all retrieves will remain crisp and smooth throughout the fight. Lighter versions incorporate the proven-tough Cross Carbon Drag stack, while the larger 10000 and 14000 models boast Shimano's extreme Heatsink Drag, which aggressively dissipates frictional heat away from both the spool and the line, to maximize drag performance regardless of blistering runs and bulldog dives. For the big game angler looking for every advantage, the powerful Shimano TwinPower SW Spinning Reel more than meets the challenge.

  • Hagane aluminum body
  • Hagane gearing
  • Infinity Drive
  • X-Shield
  • Cross Carbon Drag
  • Heatsink Drag (10000 and 14000 models only)


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