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When it comes to saltwater fishing, having the right lure can make all the difference. That's why many anglers turn to Super Strike Lures, the top choice for those seeking quality and effectiveness. Made right here on Long Island, these lures are designed to attract the biggest and most elusive saltwater fish

Zig Zag®
A favorite among Montauk Point fisherman. This is an excellent casting lure that should be used when there is a strong rip current. It digs deep into rips with a tremendous darting pattern. Swims 2-3 feet deep.

Rattl'n Little Neck Swimmer v.3™
The Little Neck Swimmer a.k.a. the "Bottle Plug". New modified version v.3 now rattles and has better castability It will dig-in fast, even in strong cross winds. It works well in calm water and holds extremely well in rough water.

Little Neck Popper™
This plug is well known to cast effortlessly getting fantastic distance and hold up to the toothiest of critters. What makes this popper stand out in the sinking versions is when retrieved slowly it will swim very much like a metal lipped swimmer to entice even reluctant Striped Bass. This lure is regarded as one of the most productive poppers made.

This stubby needlefish lure is great at getting out far. Use when finger mullet and small menhaden are present. Effective on many species from Bluefish of the Northeast to Peacock Bass in South America. Some folks like to fish these with a single feathered hook on the rear instead of the treble.

Super "N" Fish™
The first version of this lure became popular in the Cape during the early 80's. This needlefish lure slips through the wind for very long casts. It is legendary lure for producing cows when sandeels and thin baits are present.


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