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For boats some great Striped Bass fishing continues along our ocean beaches in 30+ feet of water. The main bulk of the fish have set up between Moriches and Jones inlet. A lot of teen sized fish are coming up but it is not uncommon to have some fish to 30lbs plus on any given trip. The method of choice for going after these fish recently has been "jigging" them. Diamond jigs in sizes from A-27 up to A-67 have been the ticket

Surf fishing along the south shore beaches remains good with striped bass fishing being very productive. On the beach the stripers are still very active. They are mostly in the 18-28" class  but still make for good fun. It is mostly day time action with tins like Charlie Graves Lures and Diamond jigs are producing many fish. 

It seems that the bluefish have been much less common compared to striped bass. Although they can be found mixed in with the bass going after the jigs on the boats. A few of the larger fish have been weighted in at over 15lbs.

Also in the ocean, the boats are still doing good with jigging for¬†stripers. These fish are on sand eels and bunker so Diamond jigs¬†with tubes are best for replicating sand eels. It has been all day action, with things usually starting up at first light and lasting until sundown. There has been topwater action too, if you see birds working you can cast¬†swimshads,¬†bucktails¬†and Little Neck Popper‚ĄĘ¬†in to the frenzy.

Blackfish are showing up in good numbers along the south shore. Green crabs fished on hi-lo rigs are a fine set-up. Along the north shore you can find similar luck with the same rig set-up or using blackfish jigs. Small rock piles or bottom debris anywhere from Rocky Point to Orient Point will produce with good results. No monsters but plenty of keepers to go around. 

Weather permitting some great opportunities are still available for anglers. Sea Bass, Ling and Cod fishing has been productive off the south shore Artificial Reefs and the Montauk region.  Jigs and rigs baited with clam or gulp teasers are both getting results. On the north shore  and Long Islands east end, anglers are still pursuing blackfish. Right now they are in about 60 feet of water crunching on green crabs. Use blackfish rig or a blackfish jig.  Many anglers have grown quite fond of Blackfish Jigs. Super strong hook with great hookup ratio. Either technique should be productive. A chill is in the air....

Fall temperatures have cooled down the lakes and have sparked a nice little trout bite over at west lake in Patchogue. Locals have been out targeting the recently stocked Brown Trout with good luck. Spinners have been getting play along with small kastmasters. For the fly fishermen any type of streamer has been doing well.  Live shiners are still doing well with Largemouth Bass. This past week, several Patchogue locals using live shiners reported  bass up to 2lbs. The shop will continue to carry this bait throughout the fall and winter months.

If you know someone who loves fishing and is a fan of fishing-related décor the Fish Mat might be a perfect give for them. These mats are great for indoor and outdoor use. Available in several different models including striper, fluke, largemouth bass, red snapper and blue claw crab, there is a mat for everyone.

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With Thanksgiving approaching it's the time of the year to start thinking of that perfect gift for your favorite Fishermen. Maybe a quality scale such as a BogaGrip, made to handle and weigh your prized catches. Or why not some hand tied Rigs and Hooks as a stocking stuffer. The surf fishing, along the south shore beaches, remains active with striped bass fishing being very productive. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to get in on the last of this years catch while stocking up for next years bite with some Jecks Bucktails or Charlie Graves-West End tins. These are two of fisherman's favorite lures that are used thought out the season

If you cant wait for next years false albacore run grab some "Joe Baggs" resin rigs. They cast 
extremely well and the single hook feature makes unhooking fish a breeze.

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Another worthy product from the J&J Sports Choice Collection is our Blackfish Jigs. These jigs provide you a new fun and easy way to target Blackfish. Available in an array of colors and different sizes. "Good things come in small packages"

Your choice: Order online¬†and then drive to J & J Sports- Patchogue¬†Fishing Center¬†¬†to pick it up, (or ‚Äúcurbside‚ÄĚ also available)


For the local lakes, they are producing good catches. Trout were just stocked in West Lake  and will hit nightcrawlers "fished from floats." They will also hit lures like kastmasters and bluefox spinners. A light rod with 4lb test line is all you really need to catch these stocked trout. Other fish like bass, perch and pickerel will hit live shiners as well as artificial lures like weedless worms and swim baits. This time of year is better to retrieve your lures slower, due to the colder water and lethargic fish.
Connetquot River State Park  Still has been offering some great fly fishing.  This is something to look into over the winter if cabin fever starts to take over. We have all the fly fishing needs to get you right into the action. Also as a reminder West lake has been stocked twice this Fall with many brown trout. Not many people have been going down to try for them so they are still very active and will respond to lures and bait used in the lake.

The all-new Penn Fathom II Lever Drag takes a class-leading reel and raises the bar even more. The perfectly designed handle fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and offers superb fish fighting ability. The outstanding looks and feel is not the only good thing about this reel, it is a beast when it comes to fishing deeper water in the ocean. It's 2-Speed Lever Drag ensures the odds are stacked in your favor when reeling in your catch. This reels fits the bill for any deep sea fisherman.

If its something different that you want or a unique gift thats outside of the box check out the Ice Fishing gear and supplies. Ice fishing has become a popular winter time activity to help combat cabin fever during the winter months.
If you were just getting into the sport of fishing and are ready to upgrade your equipment, take a look at the Penn, Daiwa or Van Staal companies for surf fishing reels or  for your conventional fishing needs.  These selected models are top of the line, providing excellent customer service as well as a quality products. Avid anglers give these companies two thumbs up.
Since its inception in 1987, Van Staal Corp., has built a business, and a reputation, based on innovative, precision aluminum machining. The company's primary products are commercial aircraft seat supports and food tray arms manufactured from 2014 aerospace aluminum stock. An avid fisherman, Van Staal founder Robert Koelewyn has built a companion business manufacturing aluminum surfcasting spinning reels that are highly prized by serious fishing enthusiasts. 
Featured Product:  Vans Staal pliers are built to perform, and built to last. Available in 7 inch- titanium, each pair is remarkably lightweight and extremely strong. The spring-loaded ergonomic handles, line cutter with replaceable tungsten cutters and anvils are features you won't find on ordinary fishing pliers. Van Staal pliers are available as kits that include pliers, lanyard and leather sheath. These Pliers were made to last season upon season of a dedicated surfcaster.
Ugly Tools
Tools are an essential part of fishing and now Ugly Stik has you covered with their line of Ugly Tools. Ugly Tools are designed with the fisherman and outdoor conditions in mind; Robust non-slip handles give the angler more control in any condition and rugged metals with hardy coatings ensure the tools will not corrode or pit. A 7-year limited manufactures warranty comes with all tools.
The Vinyl Coated, two door crab traps, has been used and endorsed by crabbers for over 20 years. The two-door style allows faster closing of the trap, preventing crabs from escaping. Its sturdy construction features the finest quality materials. This trap features a built-in bait compartment swing" door: This feature allows for easy access to load bait. These traps make an excellent gift for the holiday season

 The Marlin M688 Deck Boot is an insulated lightweight boot with orthotic foot pad support. Making it an all around great gift for anyone. These are the type of boots you can use for all kinds of activities in any weather conditions such as boating, fishing, walking, hunting, gardening, and much more..

The shop is open to help you with your holiday shopping. Not sure of the perfect gift? No time to shop? We have Gift Cards available in the amount of $10.00-on up. Always the perfect gift.

The BogaGrip is designed to promote "catch and release fishing," as it will land, handle, and weigh fish quickly and simultaneously without injury to the fish. The BogaGrip also affords an easy opportunity to inspect and take pictures of the fish. Since it doesn't wipe off the protective slime nor puncture the fish, and allows the fish to be quickly returned to the water, fish that are handled and released using the BogaGrip should be more likely to survive. The BogaGrip is particularly good for handling fish in cold weather, or hard-to-handle fish such as toothy fish, slimy fish, or fish that are likely to fin or cut a fisherman. It also keeps a fisherman's hand at a safer distance from hooks.

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Ron's Recipes

Recipe for Turkey Pot Pie- This recipe is perfect for the leftover Turkey from Thanksgiving. This recipe will make two 9" Pot pies.
Line the bottom of a 9" pie with a pre-cut pie shell. Pull apart or shred 2 cups of leftover turkey meat (no bones, skin or fat) and put in a bowl. Add 2 cans of condensed mushroom gravy, 1 bag of frozen mixed vegetables and 1 can of cooked diced potatoes (you can use leftover boiled potatoes cut into cubes). Mix all together and fill the pie shell. cover with another pre-cut pie shell and poke some holes in it with a fork. bake in the oven at 350 for 40 minutes then an additional 10 at 425.  More.... Ron's Recipes.

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Guy Harvey Gift Collection
If you want to look sharp or cool , it’s your choice. Guy Harvey has got you covered. With a large apparel line of shirts and hats , in various colors and picture themes. You can look good on the boat, beach or out in town.


Shimano is a leading brand in the fishing world and the US. They produce everything from rods, reels, lures, and more. Believe it or not, Shimano hasn’t been around for that long and their history only spans about 50 years. One thing that a lot of anglers struggle with when purchasing a reel is finding one that is functional in a wide variety of scenarios. For example, some of us fish saltwater while others fish freshwater. Some anglers fish both.  If you’re lucky enough to have access to both salt and freshwater, you’ll want a versatile reel that allows you the flexibility of catching what you want, when you want. Shimano reels are versatile enough for all the types of fishing you would like to do!

The shop is open to help you with your holiday shopping. Not sure of the perfect gift? No time to shop? We have Gift Cards available in the amount of $10.00-on up. Always the perfect gift. 


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