the November bite is still going strong, hopefully the weather stays nice and we can see good fishing till thanksgiving or beyond.

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Hi guys Andrea back with this weeks report. Its November and the bite is still going strong, hopefully the weather stays nice we can see good fishing till thanksgiving or beyond.

On the wrecks and reefs the blackfish fishing is still hot. Most of this fishing is done some deeper water now due to cooling water temps. 40 to 80 feet of water has been the best places to look, anglers fishing with rigs and jig are doing evry well with green crabs. With the jigs, it is a different way of fishing, which lets you use lighter tackle. The Joe baggs blackfish jigs are well suited for targeting ocean blackfish, due to the quality components they are made to pull "bulldog toutog" out of the wrecks.


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The other bottom fish like seabass, porgies, cod, pollock and ling, will all hit a well baited clam on a hi-low bait rig. There have been quite a few keeper weakfish out in the oceans as well. The hi-low rigs made fin strike are well suited for these species and applications. When bottom fishing be sure to bring plenty of sinkers ranging from 8-16oz depending on how deep you are fishing.

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Also in the ocean, the boats are still doing good with jigging for stripers. These fish are on sand eels and bunker so diamond jigs with tubes are best for replicating sand eels. It has been all day action, with things usaly starting up at first light and lasting until sundown. There has been topwater action too, if you see birds working you can cast swimshads, bucktails and popping plugs in to the frenzy.

Inshore, the inlets have alot of fish. Clam chumming and drifting live baits have been very productive. By the bridges there are plenty of schoolie bass and some keepers.  Most of this fishing is best done at night casting soft plastics into the bridge shadows.

In the surf the beach is still the best bet. Diamond jigs at first light are producing the best. swimshads, small bucktails and tins are producing as well. Bucktails by jecks are quailty made and can with stand multiple fish outings, as well as charlie grave tins, which are well made and well suited for this time of year. Most of the fish are in the small side now but you can find a slot fish in the mix. With the smaller fish around you can scale down your tackle to 7-8 foot rods and lighter gear to make the fight more interesting.

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As we approach Thanksgiving it with get a bit colder so be sure to bundle up and keep your hands dry and warm, Glacier Gloves have a variety of gloves that can help you fight aginst the cold.

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On th freshwater scene, West Lake  was just recently stocked. small spinners, and Kastmasters are good choices if you choose to go try for some trout. Nighcrawlers will get bites too fish from a small float with a #8 hook. Live shiners are catching Bass, Perch and Pickerel. This is the best tactic for this time of year, due to colder water tempertures making for more lethargic fish. trout magnets fished from floats are a fun way to catch variety of fish from the local lakes and it alow you to use lighter tackle, to make things interesting.

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