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Eastern Long Island has produced some great catches of Blackfish this fall. 3lb, 4lb and 5lb blackfish are not uncommon.

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Blackfish is off to a nice start. Those going out hitting the wrecks, rock piles and Artificial Reefs are taking home a good amount of keeper tog. Green crabs are working very well. Give blackfish jigs a shot too. Its a different method of blackfishing that can be very effective as well as fun. All you have to do is tip a jig with a piece of crab and jig it on structure.

 A couple of tips when blackfishing...Always bring extra rigs, jigs and sinkers. Losing them is inevitable. They will either get caught in the rocks or a larger fish can break you off when they run for the rocks. Also you want to use a rod that is fairly heavy so that you can yank the fish out of the rocks. Try using a reel with a higher gear ratio. This would help you gain leverage on the fish. Use at least 40 to 50 pound braid on that reel. Bring along at least 2-4 dozen crabs if you plan on fishing for a bit. If the bite is hot you will be going through bait quickly.

This week leading up to the first week in November didn't disappoint with Striped Bass action along the surf. Many fish are being hooked and released on the south shore beaches from  Shinnecock Inlet in the Hamptons to Jones Beach in the west. The most fish are in the 20-30 inch class but a few "slot sized" keepers are mixed in. You do have to work for the keepers though.  Diamond jigs and Jecks bucktails have been the best choices during the day. At night the bite has been good as well. Use Jecks bucktails and swimming plugs such as sp minnows and mag darters at night.

Dana Munno with an impressive 50plus lbs

For some better fish try getting on a boat and fishing in about 60 feet of water. Some fish up to 20 PLUS pounds have been sticking around on the  bunker pods.

Matt chats about one of his favorite lures. Bucktails! Ideal lure for Bass, Fluke, Weakfish and More.....View more videos (Features • Demos • More...)

Don’t forget  November 11th is Veterans Day...”Take a Vet Fishing”   It’s a nice way to say Thank You!!

If your trip takes you to Smith Point County Park, the surf is active with bass and small bluefish. Day trippers can use tins, bucktails or bait (bunker) to target these gamefish.

Albie's continue to provide good action along the south shore inlets. Not a good eating fish but you can't beat the fight. Shimano Coltsniper jigs Deadly Dicks,  Joe Baggs Resin Jigs, and small tins are the lures of choice.

Patchogue locals report very good bass action  on the Local docks and waterways.   They guys down at the docks and local boaters were using storm shads and small poppers to get them.

Talking about Porgies and Sea Bass; yup, still plenty around. When the weather changes, this "bite" will only increase , so go and enjoy them while the fishing is good. Clam, squid and crabs are all fine baits.  Hereto: wrecks, rock piles and Artificial Reefs are the target points.

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West Lake  has been stocked this fall with some nice sized brown trout. They have been hitting most small tins as well as nightcrawlers fished under a float. Try for them in the early mornings when they are most active. If the conditions allow give a "fly a try". They will be more than willing to go after a streamer.

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