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Do You Remember?
A little nostalgia from the 1980-1999 photo archives of J&J Sports.  Do you know anyone?  Maybe it's you? Recognize your grandfather or it's your mom? As we uncover more photos, we'll be listing them.  I'd like to know your comments. Thanks for looking!!! 

Reminder the fall Blackfish season opens on October 11th for the north shore and the 15th for the south shore.  The shop will be fully stocked with Blackfish Jigs, Rigs, Hooks and Green Crabs.

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Breaking News.... Albies are making a showings at the inlets.  we received reports that anglers were getting "hookups" using Deadly Dicks, Joe Baggs Resin Jigs and Shimano Coltsniper jigs . Retrieve them fast along the surface to entice an Albie to hit.

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This week we saw a good pick of slot size fish, as well as bass over the slot falling to the simple drift and jigging techniques. one the open beaches fishing with swimming plugs or diamond jigs early morning, Surfcasters saw a good amount of bass. Many of them under the slot size but not by much. with the bait hitting the beach blue fish were also seen coming out of the wash.

Resident summer Stripers are also present in and around both Shinecock Inlet  and Moriches inlets, consisting of some schoolie sized up to keeper sized bass. bucktails and small swimming plugs have been getting productive. Active periods have been right before and after the slack tides.

We have had several reports that daybreak were producing Bluefish at Shinnecock with Most of the fish caught were under 5 lbs. However there are a few larger ones that were in excess of 10lbs.
Diamond jigs and bucktails fished close to the bottom is what worked best. Moriches inlet is also holding a good population of cocktail sized blues during the day. Using tins like hopkins and kastmasters are the best ways the catch these fish.

As the Fluke season comes to an end fishing has been steady in the bays and Ocean. Shinnecock and Moriches both being good places to focus efforts. East and West cuts of Moriches are seeing a lot of attention. Fishing close to the high tide has given anglers best action. Bucktails and fluke rigs are perfect for use. Preferred colors, white and green, seemed to have an edge. One more helpful tip is to fish a rig with a little bit of flash material in it. This can sometimes give you the edge you'll need to catch the attention of more fish. Popular baits this week were, spearing and squid strips. Another good tip is to use sea robin strips.

Porgies are still in abundance on the north shore. Most rocky structures will have schools of porgies.   Moriches and Shinnecock inlets are also holding keeper sized Porgies. Clams, sandworms and squid pieces have all been good baits. Using chum has also been increasing the intensity of the fishing.

Sea Bass have been found around the same places as porgies. Ocean wrecks and Artificial Reefs off Moriches and Shinnecock are holding keeper size sea bass. When targeting Sea Bass a hi-lo rig baited with clam strips is the preferred method.

Anglers continue to report  Weakfish from the Patchogue docks and the Great South Bay. The fish were all between 15"-20." Soft plastics on a jighead are a productive way to fish for "weakies."

Snappers at the local docks have been nice size. Most are around a 11-12". Tons of fun on light tackle rods. Spearing fished a few feet under a float is an excellent way to catch these fish. Another fun method is to use small tins like kastmasters and sidewinders. Try locations such as Pine Neck, Patchogue's Mascot Dock   and Blue Point's Corey Beach.

Crabbing has been good along all the local docks too. Traps, hand-lines, and walking the docks with a crab net have all been good ways to get crabs into the buckets.


Attached is a list of some "Fun Fish Facts Around Long Island." Most are edible and plentiful too. So enjoy the summer and tight lines. (PDF)

Attached is an additional list of more "Fun Fish Facts-2 Around Long Island." Most are edible and plentiful too. So enjoy the summer and tight lines. (PDF) Updated

Local lakes are giving our customers steady action. Most fishing freshwater are using live shiners. This is such a productive method, some anglers have been coming back the same day for more bait.
Those that are going with nightcrawlers are finding a lot of action with the Bluegills and Yellow Perch. West Lake  and Great Patchogue Lake   (AKA-Patchogue Mill Pond) are places to try.

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Send your reports, photos or your favorite fish recipe to: REPORTS@JJSPORTSFISHING.COM 

Don't forget to include, names, location and details (when possible: lures or bait used, tides, etc….) comments or questions are welcome. 631-654-2311 

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