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Surf Report-  with all the warmer water temperatures around fishing seems to be most active during incoming tides.  The cool influx of clean water stimulates the local bass into action.  Back Bay fishing with patterns that simulate snappers and spearing  are the key.  Don't be surprised if you also catch larger fluke on hard plastics at night.  

Another exciting fall baitfish that we can possibly see this year is bunker. These fish have a tendency to move at times but if you can find them you have a shot at some large stripers. when trying to match a profile of bunker, Super Strike Lures like darters, bottle plugs, and large poppers resemble this profile. Usually the colors yellow and white to be most productive with this. TIP: On the south shore of long island look for the "north winds." Bunker tend to head straight into the wind so that would end up putting them on out south shore beaches.

Albies have started at the south shore inlets Action on the incoming tides has let to some good fishing. The hot lures of the week have been Shimano Coltsniper jigs Deadly Dicks,  Joe Baggs Resin Jigs,

Snappers- The local rivers, creeks and Local Docks are loaded with these small blues. Everyday they are growing bigger making them more fun to catch on light tackle. Spearing on a float, snapper poppers and kastmasters (metal tins) all have been doing good. 

Local Docks Are producing Fluke-Blowfish-Kingfish and Snappers!!!

Carlos Barrera -21” Fluke-From Shinnecock Inlet

Crabbing-Crabbing continues to produce some fine catches.  Traps are doing a little better than nets, however, you can't beet a summers nights crabbing at a local dock with a flashlight and crab net.  Picking the blue claws from pilings are what summers are made for.  Best bet, bunker and mackerel bait. If you enjoy crabbing, try and get down to the docks at least one more time. They are still around and are rather big this time of the year.  Patchogue's Mascot Dock , Pine Neck Dock and Bluepoint ( Corey Beach) are all good ones to try out.

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fluke fishing has been pretty good in moriches bay but you have to sift through the shorts. For those that are in the Great South Bay and don't want to take the hike, the breach is producing some good fluke action. Keep in mind Fluke Season closes on September 30th.

In the Great South Bay there has been a surprising run of Weakfish in the last few weeks. Drifting and slow jigging a small tubeless single hook diamond jig tipped with either squid strips or spearing has been very effective with some anglers having success with Gulp as well.

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Blues- Similar to stripers, blues have been fairly quite as well. We have heard of a decent pick of 1-5lb fish in both moriches and Shinnecock Inlet on incoming tides but thats about it. Tins and popping plugs have been doing the work.

Porgy- The porgy bite continued to hold strong going into this week. Both shorebound anglers and boat fishermen are getting their fill. Look for rocky structure or a wrecks. Both lugg worms and clams work great.

Sea bass- Sea Bass are also very active with larger fish moving on to the nearby wrecks and structure. The limit on Sea Bass through the end of the Sea Bass-Size Limit: 15"-3 Per Day: 6/23-8/31and 7 Per Day: 9/01-12/31. Sea Bass are very aggressive and will take either Clam, Squid  or Spearing. For a shot at some larger fish try jigging with a A27 or A47 tubeless single hook Diamond Jig. When bait fishing or jigging offshore Reefs and structure you will also have a shot at larger Porgies, Ling (Red Hake) and the occasional Codfish. So if your looking to fill your freezer with some tasty fillets for the winter, now is the time to go.

Fish Facts: Ling

Ling may not be the most attractive fish in the sea but - as a member of the cod family - it can be made to be absolutely delicious! Caught off local wrecks. 1/0 Hook and clam bait will "do the trick"

Fun Fish- Long Island is full of "other" types of fish that are not only fun to catch but fine to eat too. Did you ever try Triggerfish? A tough critter with even a tougher skin.  However, once cleaned <Fillet A Triggerfish Video>  they are a fine meal.  Plenty of Blowfish around too. <Fillet A Blowfish Video> Called "chicken of the sea" because they are a tasty treat. Easy to catch and (if big enough) a great meal. Don't underestimate the tenacity and taste of Sea Robbins. <Fillet A Sea Robbin Video> These scrappy critters are plentiful and tasty too.  Catch them on bait or lures with a light tackle combo for an exciting time. More Fun Fish Facts on the attached PDF sheets:

Attached is a list of some "Fun Fish Facts Around Long Island." Most are edible and plentiful too. So enjoy the summer and tight lines. (PDF)

Attached is an additional list of more "Fun Fish Facts-2 Around Long Island." Most are edible and plentiful too. So enjoy the summer and tight lines. (PDF) Updated

Offshore-Offshore remain "hot" with catches of Mahi -mahi reported Coimbra wreck.  Canyon trappers are on swordfish and long-fin Albacore.

Here's some facts:  "The Coimbra was World War II's second U-Boat sinking off the eastern seaboard.  Today, the Coimbra still lies in the three sections she was blown into. Her bow is facing east, mid section is leaning to port and her stern rests on its side. The wreck is located 64 miles southeast of Jones Inlet and 78 miles from Manasquan Inlet in180 to 190 feet of water." 

Freshwater-Local lakes are still providing action in this summer heat. Great Patchogue Lake has put up some nice Largemouth Bass and pickerel. Most fish are all being caught with live shiners or soft plastic worms. Panfish are hitting nightcrawlers or small plastic grubs on a jig heads.

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