Fluke Opens • Weakfish Show-Up • Porgies Are In • Bluefish Make A Showing • Lemon Garlic Fluke Recipe

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Breaking News......Striped bass off of Patchogue , Weakfish catches reported to the west. Porgies caught to the east. Bluefish are in!! and fluke Opens

Warmer weather, means warmer water, which means bass in the back bays. The shallower waters found in the bays will warm up faster this time of year. This attracts a lot of bait fish. these fish will gather in the warmer water, where Striped Bass will look to feed. We are starting to see a lot more fish starting to be caught. this time of year these fish are looking to feed on just about any bait fish. Top water plugs, such as Super Strike, or Cotton Cordell. Simple plugs with simple colors such as blue, white, yellow, and in some cases greens, are the safest choices to fish. Another good choice would be some kind of soft plastic bait such as, Bass Assassins, Al Gags Whip it tails or a simple Storm Shad. Fishing these baits along the edge of a sandbar, or up against structure such as bridges or docks is always a great idea. Small bucktails fished the same ways as soft plastics work just as well, don't be surprised if a weakfish ends up on your hook.

Reports of Clam chumming for bass out West have been reported towards the Jones Beach and Robert Moses area . When chumming for Bass off of your boat you will need to anchor up current of a bridge piling or in a cut near an inlet or off of a sandbar next to deeper water, moving water is a must. Don't forget, bait fishing for bass requires the use of circle hooks.

Bass reported locally in the Great South Bayfrom Patchogue , Bluepoint and Sayville on Bunker chunks and lures.  fish reported up to 35",

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Fluke: The Fluke season opened on Saturday May 4th. The new regulations of 19" size limit (and increasing to 19-1/2" on August 2nd) at a three fish limit will extend the season to October 15th.  Anglers are ready to target these doormats. Typically a good place to start in the early season would be the back bays of Moriches , Shinecock Inlet and Fire island Inlet As well the Peconics . The shop is fully stocked with spearing,  squid and fluke rigs , as well as gulp and bucktails and teasers ! And plenty of prime bait. Squid and squid strips, Fluke Belly and Spearing.  Read more about fluke

Porgies: It's Porgy time!  Clam, sandworms or squid are all great baits to use for Porgies. Try using a  chum to increase your odds of catching. The Peconic Bays as well as the North Shore both are great locations to try out this early. Porgy season is from May 1st till December 31st.  with a new size regulation of 11" for anglers fishing on private boats. but shore anglers are allowed to catch and keep 9-1/2" fish.  The bag limit for boaters or shore anglers remains at 30 fish per day.  Shop is Stocked up with all Porgy Rigs and Hooks. Read More about porgies.

Weakfish are starting to make a appearance in our local area. Some fish are being caught in the bay on sandworms drifted along the bottom as well as small soft plastics on a jig head . With the warmer water temperatures coming they will start to feed more often as the season goes on.  Read More about weakfish.

Big Bluefish have been reported out west , these yellow eyed devils should make their toothy appearance here to the island in the next week or so ! The shop is all stocked up on bluefish hooks and lures for when these gators invade the back bays and inlets. Also in stock is frozen bunker and mackerel , we will be carrying fresh bunker soon as well!

Cole and Ricky fished Patchogue / Sayville the other day 

WEEKEND UPDATE: Bluefish have been reported in our bay near the smiths point bridge  @Smith Point County Park , to   Robert Moses State Park with anglers catching fish up to 15 pounds. The best method for bluefish would be lures such as diamond jigs and top water poppers. While these gators have mainly been found near the inlets, they will soon push further in to the great South Bay.

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Trout Action at the Lakes have been plenty full since the last Spring stocking last week , trout have been fairly active on warmer days. Using small lures or worms and wax worm's with a float has been effective. Don’t overlook using a fly this time of year . As the days go on the weather will trigger a hatch that could make for a great bite .

The lake of the week is Fort Pond  in Montauk.  Fort pond is an excellent lake and contains a variety of species not commonly found on our island. This lake has both Waleye and small mouth bass which both make for an excellent fight and a challenge. The best way to catch these fish would be lures like rapala jerk Shad’s and senko worms. This lake also has fish like largemouth bass, crappie, perch and sun fish. Bait like live shiners and night crawlers will work excellent at this lake.


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Opening Day Fluke Recipe:

Lemon Garlic Fluke
Preheat your oven to 325 degrees.
Coat the bottom of a baking dish with cooking oil spray.

In a bowl mix together :
4 tablespoons of melted butter,
2 tablespoons of lemon juice,
2 tablespoons of crushed wet garlic,
1/4 teaspoon of onion powder, and salt and pepper to taste.

1-Pat dry cleaned Fluke fillets (1- 1 1/2 lbs. and place in the baking dish.
2-Pour the contents of the bowl on top the fillets and sprinkle a little smoked paprika on the fillets.
3-Place in oven and bake for 20-25 minutes or until the fillets turn flaky and firm.
4-Garnish with a lemon wedge and fresh parsley. Serve with Wild Rice and enjoy.


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