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Striper bass action has been slowing down due to the warmer water temperatures lately, Surfcasters and Boaters are finding these fish a little more picky than normal but still plenty of fish around! For lures that been working excellent are sp minnows, darters, and super strike swimmers are working well (also Diamond jigs during the day have been very productive). Try focusing your fishing the last 2 hours of incoming and first 2 hours of the outgoing tides for a more productive day.

On the boats clam chumming has been very productive (Circle hooks are required) or working the pods of bunker, the pods are seeing bigger fish but not all pods have been holding fish, WATCH OUT FOR THE SHARKS ON THE PODS ! be sure to bring extra gear just incase.

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Bluefish were feasting on small sandeels. Anglers using Charlie Graves tins  were "hooking up" every cast. This large amount of Bluefish is nice to see. Hopefully they are still around for the fall!!

Crabbing is getting better and better by the day .Coming up on this next full moon  should be very good. The shop is stocked with nets, traps and baits used for crabbing. For any of these types of fishing try docks such as Patchogue's Mascot Dock , at the end of south ocean ave, Pine Neck Dock in East Patchogue or Sandspit Marina dock right across from Mascot dock.

Snappers have been reported at Local Docks and are growing more and more every day. You can see them chasing small spearing and peanut bunker along the bulkhead. They can actually be caught using a sabiki rig or very small casting lures. Also small snappers make a great fluke bait but remember that the limit this year is only 3 per person. Tackle Tip: Snapper Rod & Reel Combo ,Spearing works excellent for these little toothy fish this time of year on a small snapper hooks or even a Chester flounder hook with a bobber.

 Also at the docks, blowfish and kingfish using clam, squid or sandworms will do the trick. These fish are Fun to catch and great to eat.

Fluke fishing has been seeing a a slight up rise, boats are seeing result outside of the inlets in deeper water between 30-60ft or drifting around the wrecks. Most of the fish are on the smaller size but keepers are hovering around the 19-20" mark but some larger doormats have been in the mix. Bucktails and fluke rigs tipped with large local squid or spearing and various gulp baits. Moriches inlet and Shinecock Inlet  are also seeing some action. Try focusing efforts around the last 2 hours of the incoming and the first 2 of the outgoing.

Sea bass , continue to be very productive on the Artificial Reefs outside the inlets! Using piece's of clam on a Hi-Lo rig over some structure is all you need to catch a limit of fish. Clam chumming will also be a key factor in increasing you catch . Sea Bass jigging has become more popular in the community, plain single hook diamond jigs , hammered gold or hammered silver are very popular many tip these baits with squid strips or spearing increasing your chances at bigger fish and a shot at a nice fluke hanging around !!

The local wrecks and reefs also contain, Ling, fluke, Cod and many other species of fish. This style of fishing you want to have a simple top & bottom rig tipped with clam bellies. If you don’t prefer bait try fishing Berkley Gulp. If the wrecks get too crowded but you don’t want to head in for the day, try scouting around for objects floating in the water such as Bouys, crab pot markers, or a wooden pallet. If you stop around those you could find yourself catching mahi-mahi. Now if you want to hit another style of fishing,  sale around and look for signs of life such as big pods a bait, whales, birds and sea turtles. If you find these try trolling offshore lures in those areas. If you’re lucky enough you could hook up with anyone of the tuna family. REMINDER:  When shark or tuna fishing, a federal permit is required. ( permit is for the boat and NOT an individual angler )

Porgies , have been numerous in the long island sound and south shore. Sandworms, Clam , and Squid are equally working very well. The north shore between Port Jefferson and Wildwood State Park, Cedar Beach has been the spots to fish . Also the Shinnecock Canal/Inlet is another good place to target these fish with the chance at a nice triggerfish.  Triggerfish like to hug the structure, so try fishing along the wall of the canal or along the rocks at the inlets.

2.5lb sea robin ,Brian Coffey Moriches

TACKLE TIP OF THE WEEK: Often seen as a "fun  fish" Sea robins are much more than that, one being a very delicious table fair ( the tail is full of white meat !) and excellent bait for fluke and seabass !! Using their white under bellies as strip baits tipped on a bucktail or hi-low fluke/seabass rig.

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Local lakes are showing great results. The Largemouth Bass fishing has been good with multiple fish per outing. Bass are being caught on a variety of baits like live shiners and nightcrawler. Lures like top water frogs, ribontail worms, jigs and small poppers are all getting "bites". However live shiners will always catch. Pickerel will also hit the same baits and tackle intended for bass. They are great entertainment why the bass fishing is slow.
The panfish are great to target too. if you just want to catch a "boat load" of fish, a small piece of nightcrawler and a float will catch any blueguill, perch or crappie in the area. They are great sport on ultra light tackle.
If you want to do some night time fishing, then walleye are good to target. they will hit slow retrieved lures like crankbaits, jerkbaits and swimbaits. They have big gold eyes are very sensitive to light, so don't shine your flashlight on the water or you'll scare them.

Fish Facts

Stargazer (fish)
f you catch one of these critters... Be careful: The stargazers are a fish that have eyes on top of their heads.  They also have a large, upward-facing mouth on a large head. Stargazers are venomous; they have two large venomous spines situated behind their opercles and above their pectoral fins. This species may also cause electric shocks. They have been called "The meanest things in creation". 


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