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Sea bass- 3 fish at 16-1/2 inches.

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This week long island fishing has remained hot from north to south and east to west, with many local fishermen reporting good size fish of many different species coming in such as striped bass, bluefish, fluke, porgy, weakfish and the arrival of blowfish too.

Moriches inlet has striped bass up to 30lbs. Patchogue locals while fishing live bunker, had fish on every drop. Hooking up on 8 fish in 8 drifts. hooking the bunker with an 7/0 in-line circle hook, all fish were safely released. 

Bass have been found all across the island with Patchogue locals reporting plenty of slot sized fish coming out of orient point. Most of these fish have been caught on neon and white flutter spoons.

Bass also can be caught on a variety of baits such as bunker, clam and sand worm. Many fishermen who use sand worms for bass will typically troll them with tubes. To do this all you need is a sand worm a circle hook and a small plastic tube to keep the worm on the hook.  Both Shinnecock Inlet and Moriches inlet have been showing a great pick of bass both from the rocks and boats with both shore-bound anglers and boaters using lures like bucktails and darters. When fishing a bucktail always add a jig strip to the end for optimal results.

Blowfish, Kingfish and crabs have begun to show at our Local docks here in Patchogue, Bluepoint and West Sayville Dock. Blowfish and Kingfish can be caught using a small high low rig with a piece of clam, squid or sandworm.

Crabs can be caught using a trap with either frozen Bunker and Mackerel. Crabs that can be harvested must be over 4.5 inches for hard-shell and 3.5 inches for softshell.

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Shinnecock Canal has a good pick up fish. when the locks are open and you have fast moving water, trying throwing a bottle plug like a bomber or sp minnow. retrieving it through the fast current along the shadow lines, you will see bigger bass coming up to chase it. Most fish are between 22-27 inches but there are a lot of bigger fish swimming around. When the locks are closed, jigging a bucktail off the bottom will produce a steady pick of fluke.

Shinnecock Inlet has also been showing good slot sized Bass caught mainly on 3-4oz bucktails of various colors. Swim shads have also been producing using a Pearl color up to 2 oz. Bluefish continue to be bountiful throughout the bays and inlets..... diamond jigs or tins will do the trick

Robert Moses State Park Sunday morning had a steady pick of striped bass, mainly on white bucktails. Though many of the fish were under slot sized a few came on the beach inside the slot.

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Bluefish can still be found all over the island with plenty of reports still coming in of both giant fish up to 10-lbs as well as smaller fish being caught in the mix. At the local docks such as bluepoint, Patchogue's Mascot Dock  and West Sayville Dock are all still showing a pick of bluefish, with most anglers getting fish on bunker chunks and diamond jigs.The inlets have also shown plenty of large blues with many being caught on Bucktails, bait and plugs such as darters and Little Neck Popper™.if you are looking for a different way to target these fish many anglers from boats will ride around in search of boiling bait and birds flicking around them. This is typically a sign that there is larger fish underneath and in many cases it’s bluefish and bass.

Fluke fishing has also heated up with good reports of keeper sized fish in both the Moriches and Shinnecock inlets as well as Fire Island inlet area.   The best way to target these fish would be a high-low fluke rig with a bucktail and gulp. Squid and spearing also serve as a great bait for these fish.  The Narrow Bay by Smiths Point bridge has also been another good spot to fish.

Large fluke have been reported right here in the Great South Bay with many reports of fish coming in up to 5 lbs. Most fluke fisherman have the most luck on bucktail rigs with a piece of squid or gulp on the teaser.When fishing this kind of rig the best way to fish it would be to constantly jig and bounce the rod while drifting this method will make the lure appear much more lively then simply just drifting it along the bottom.  gulp is great to add to your teaser or even the bucktail itself.

Places like the moriches (narrows Bay)  and great south bays have both shown a good pick of fluke . With places like the Smith Point County Park  bridge and the east and west cut of moriches both being favorites of anglers as a consistent place for fluke one. Fluke fishing on the open south shore beach has also picked up , along with a great North Shore bite too.  this can be a tedious method for these fish and requires a lot of walking and patience. Most fishermen who use this method will walk down the beach while casting often in order to pick out fish that are sun bathing in the shallows.

Offshore Memo:  anglers report that The  Coimbra wreck has  Big tuna and false albacore feeding on sand eels. 

This weeks featured wreck is the Coimbra wreck. The coimbra is a former 423 ft oil tanker that now lays on the bottoms of the ocean about 30 miles southeast of the moriches inlet. The water here is around 180 ft deep is provides great habitat for fish like, tuna, fluke, tilefish and sea bass. This wreck is well known for excellent tuna fishing with anglers catching plenty of yellow and bluefin.

Weakfishing reports continue to come in from the Peconics and Great South Bay.  We also heard of anglers fishing the Shinecock Inlet  and Ocean Beach area landing some quality fish. Try drifting a whole sandworm or jelly worm tipped with a squid strip or try using a basic double hook rig.  with either Sandworms or Squid Strip as another productive method.  Learn More....

Weakfish are still being caught around the island with many being caught in places like the great South Bay and the Peconic Bays. In the great South Bay bouy 34 is a great place to target these "vampire" fish because at this location there is a hole where the depth drops considerably. In the peconic most fish have been reported being caught among the porgy schools. The best way to get weakfish is a bucktail rig but for the best results white or pink Bucktails and teasers works great. A piece of squid is a great option for weakfish as well because these hunt squid and are attracted to white.

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Porgy fishing continues to stay hot in the Peconics, the North Shore.   Almost all anglers going in search for them are coming back with buckets full. The main baits are sandworms, squid and clam. You can try areas like cedar beachMt Sinai and Riverhead. The Peconics have a nice amount of Porgies in them still but the use of a boat will help you get to them easier. Focus on areas like Jessups neck and Greenport....Learn More....

The south shore has its share of porgies too.  Best to concentrate, around the inlets or Artificial Reefs and local wrecks.

This weeks fun fish is the blowfish - blowfish have arrived in our waters and can be found all over the great South Bay including our local docks such as Patchogue's Mascot Dock  , and the north shore beaches where all have shown the start of blowfish. The best way to catch these fish would be to simply use a small long shanked hook and clam or sand worm.  Blowfish are a great eating fish and are a favorite of many anglers. These fish are very easy to skin and are best when fried. Most who eat them compare them to chicken legs. Learn More...

Freshwater fishing on the island continues to preform. In Patchogue West Lake, Great lake and Swan Lake have all been producing good size bass, pickerel and sunfish. The best way to target these fish would be night crawlers on small hooks with a bobber. Artificial lures such as spinners, senkos and poppers work great for bass and pickerel as well. Lake Ronkonkoma also has an abundance of bass and sunfish. As well as carp and white perch. Live shiners is another great option for live bait and will be eaten by all freshwater gamefish. If you want to fish from a boat but don't have access to one, both South Haven County Park and Blydenburgh County Parks have them available to rent for a low fare. These row boats are available everyday during the summer months and can be taken out for both full and half days.

The lake of the week is Lake Ronkonkoma . Lake “ronk” is located in ronkonkama off of portion road and is our largest lake on the island . This lake provides some unique opportunities to catch species not common in most of our lakes including Waleye , white perch and small mouth bass. The catch Waleye the best way would be to fish at night using lures like senkos, rapalas and swim shads. To catch small mouth you can use the same methods that you would use for large mouth bass like crank baits and bass assassins. This lake still has all other game fish like large mouth and yellow perch. Since this lake is so large it can be difficult to fish but there is plenty of public access with a county park on the east side of the lake. There is also a town of islip boat ramp on the east side, but remember only electric motors can be used on this lake.

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Fish Facts

The Atlantic Spanish mackerel is a migratory species of mackerels that swims to the Northern Gulf of Mexico in spring, returns to south Florida in the Eastern Gulf, and to Mexico in the Western Gulf in the fall. Wikipedia-EXCELLENT EATING


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