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Cole and Jesse score big with bass!!!

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If you have a boat. head out to the ocean, and try for some big bass. the bunker schools are close, between 30 and 60 feet of water. the bunker seems to be balled up close to the bottom, getting yourself a fresh bunker and get it to the bottom. Bass coming over the rails have been 40 plus pounds. make sure once you snag your bunker you get him in and on to a in-line circle hook, before you send him back down. 

With the resent cool down in water temperatures at the beginning of the week, we should see bait staying in shallower water. With the bait closer to shore, it will keep some of the bigger fish near by too. In the Bays "fluking" is slowly picking up. Favorable tides this week we saw a lot of fish being pulled up, but we are starting to see a big gap in the keeper to short ratio.

Bluefish continue to dominate the island with fish being pulled out of our local docks, inlets and bays. Many of these fish have been caught in and around bunker pods. A great way to target these fish is bunker chunks or live lining a whole bunker. Diamond jigs and sp minnows will also do the trick.

Blowfish and king fish have also been reported at the Local Docks. The best way to target these tasty fish are clams on a simple high low bait rig.Both species have no size or number limits so you can keep as many as you desire and both are great to eat.

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Crabs Are In!!!  Fun to catch and great to eat!! Traps and nets work well. Bunker and mackerel make a fine bait.

Porgies continue to be caught in the South Shore Inlets, North Shore beaches and Peconic Bays.  Clam is doing well, sandworms or lug worms are also producing some fine quality fish. #1 or 2 porgy hook is the tackle of choice.

Fluke and weakfish are still being caught in the bays and inlets. For fluke bucktails with squid and spearing are a great option for these fish. Berkley Gulp is a great option as an artificial bait and there are many unique colors and patterns that work great for fluke and weakfish. Weakfish can be caught using similar methods but be sure to use pink bucktails or gulp .

Sea bass- 3 fish at 16 inches
Porgy - 30 fish at 10 inches

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Seabass are a fun game fish that provide a good fight and a even better meal. The best way to target these fish are bait Rig with clam. Diamond jigs with no rubber tail are another fun way to catch these fish. When targeting these fish be sure to fish near structure or Artificial Reefs  because these fish use it for cover and feeding

For those offshore guys June/July is the start of the Shark and Tuna bite. A consistent spot has been the Combria wreck out of Shinnecock. Don't forget a permit is required for Tuna and Shark fishing. https://hmspermits.noaa.gov/permitList

Click here for: Atlantic Bigeye, Albacore, Yellowfin and Skipjack Tuna Recreational Minimum Sizes

Freshwater fishing on the island is at its prime. The Great Patchogue Lake hold good size bass , pickerel and blue gill. Night crawlers on a small bait hook with a bobber is a great way to catch these fish. Lures such as spinners, poppers and artificial worms are all great and fun options.

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Just a reminder. All anglers 16yrs and older are required to register for saltwater fishing or purchase a license for freshwater fishing in New York State.

You need to register before saltwater fishing. It's easy and it's FREE for NYS residents and all visitors.  To fish our local lakes and ponds, a Freshwater License is required. Basically, a NYS resident, Freshwater License, is available to purchase for a days fishing ($5.00) a week ($12.00) or a season (one year from date of purchase for $25.00.-Senior [70 or older] $5.00. )  Additional discounts are available for active military, disabled vets and more...... Non-Resident Freshwater Fishing Licenses are also available for a fee from $10.00-$50.00. 

Stop down at  J & J Sports  and we'll issue you a licenses or marine registry. To purchase a license or register  online- click HERE.   There's nothing worse than getting a ticket just because you went fishing. Have a smart phone? Here's an idea:

It's a good idea to "snap a shot" of your license so it's always with you in case of loss or its destroyed.

Send your reports, photos or your favorite fish recipe to: REPORTS@JJSPORTSFISHING.COM 

Don't forget to include, names, location and details (when possible: lures or bait used, tides, etc….) comments or questions are welcome. Call (631) 654-2311

Fun Fish- Long Island is full of "other" types of fish that are not only fun to catch but fine to eat too. Did you ever try Triggerfish? A tough critter with even a tougher skin.  However, once cleaned <Fillet A Triggerfish Video>  they are a fine meal.  Plenty of Blowfish around too. <Fillet A Blowfish Video> Called "chicken of the sea" because they are a tasty treat. Easy to catch and (if big enough) a great meal. Don't underestimate the tenacity and taste of Sea Robbins. <Fillet A Sea Robbin Video> These scrappy critters are plentiful and tasty too.  Catch them on bait or lures with a light tackle combo for an exciting time. More Fun Fish Facts on the attached PDF sheets:

Attached is a list of some "Fun Fish Facts Around Long Island." Most are edible and plentiful too. So enjoy the summer and tight lines. (PDF)

Attached is an additional list of more "Fun Fish Facts-2 Around Long Island." Most are edible and plentiful too. So enjoy the summer and tight lines. (PDF) Updated


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